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Referring to the left breast of a female; the left breast is often interpreted to be inferior the right breast. Comparisons are often derogatory. It can be also used as an alternative to "I don't give a crap" or "I don't give a shit".
I don't give a left tit that your show is on, I'm watching the game!

Your little brother is way more annoying than mine. What a left tit!
by Kilopineapple April 24, 2011
A good thing.
"You're a left tit Davey!"
'Love you too Senan."

"That's left-titted!"

"Left Tit in the Attic."
by Shelldon January 17, 2010
A term used by soccer players to describe a physicaly strong and or physicaly rough player.
We are playing a team from Canada today we could use a big left tit in the back.
That guy has been pushing you around all night. Put your left tit on him.
by Chad Neumann April 30, 2008
Q: Where's your wallet?
A: I lefttit while squeezing left breast OR simply squeeze left breast to sign that it was left at home.

image available
by NJR January 10, 2006