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A talking raccoon skull named after the legendary hero of World Of Warcraft.When Sheep Hager found the skull one night, he made it talk by lifting up the top part of its skull like puppet.After about an hour,Sheep's cousin's girlfriend Julie named him Leeroy Jenkins,Sheep then added the Onomonopoeia to distiguish the 2 different Leeroy Jenkins.The next day an aparatus was made by Sheep,his cousin jake,and another cousins friend Bradley so a string could be pulled and his mouth would move.Leeroy is scared of unknown noises.Not much is known about Leeroy before he met Sheep,except that he claims to have been in the Vietnam War.
* loud noise *
Leeroy: what was that!?!?
Sheep: relax Leeroy its just an owl.

Leeroy:You better respect Leeroy Onomonopoeia Jenkins,i was in 'Nam.
#leeroy #jenkins #onomonopoeia #bradley #jake #julie #grant #williamsburg #west #virginia #talking #raccoon #skull on #a #stick #shack #vietnam #war
by Sheep Hager June 11, 2010
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