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Better than your average everyday thrift store, far more exciting than a nasty old roadside yard sale and with a selection ten times more vast than the Swap Shop -- It's not just any regular sale, it's a Leek Sale, and it's fabulous because it exists only in the world of Micro Type Pro. Among the many titillating things you can find at a Leek Sale, a few are:

a jak salad;
a sad dad;
a fir desk;
a dike;

At a Leek Sale you will also find a good deal of lads and lasses to ask. Don't ask me what you're supposed to ask them –– you can ask a sad dad that.

Worry not if you don't find a great deal at a Leek Sale, because all jaks fall. Just remember to read all fall ads and add a jak next time, and all should be well.
Key the following line at a brisk pace and strike ENTER:

she had a leek sale; she held a leek; a jak salad; all jaks fall; he had a fir desk; a dike; she has had hash; all sad dads fall; as a lad falls;

Person 1: That Leek Sale sucked. I didn't find anything I wanted.
Person 2: Don't worry. All lads fall. We'll have better luck next time –– let's stop at Ruby Tuesday's on the way home. I've got a hankering for a jak salad.
by Lyosha September 10, 2009
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