Leave me alone boots are boots made entirely for utility and are often worn by utility men. Usually, the wearer will be very busy and you should leave him alone. These fall far below ask me out boots on the sexiness scale, but are still above Crocs.
Janet: Hey, you see that hot guy over there?

Betty: Just find him later, he has his leave me alone boots on.
by Bacon Supreme August 21, 2008
Top Definition
Boots that are worn to repel and/or discourage the interested from making come ons and requests to be bed-buddies. Designed to befunctional and boring. Very un-sexy

Worn by:

1) The VERY faithful girlfriend

2) The uninterested or uninteresting
Tom: Dude, guaranteed, tonight I'm gonna get with Kayla

Big D: No you're not. She's wearing Leave me Alone Boots. Best to leave her be

*later that night and 5 failed attemps later*

Tom: Dude you were right. I got right smacked on the last one.

Big D: You shoulda paid attention dude. Leave me Alone boots means Leave them Alone
by Te Rog August 27, 2008
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