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Someone who has had their foreskin butchered, and has no feeling in it, ie circumscised
Oi Leather head come and knock these god damn tent pegs in!
by Big Dan the Man November 03, 2006
6 51
Leatherhead is a town in the surrey hills which is filled with posh pompous people who all go to one of the many private schools in and around that area. Even Queen Elizabeth the first stayed in the pompous town. The town is so posh, it has absorbed neighboring settlements such as Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham. All of which have caught Leatherheads posh disease.
by BHSPERSONPOSHINGTON5 December 17, 2012
45 5
Like when your piece has been rubbing your trousers, when you have gone commando and your bombhead is wrinkley, smelly and of leather texture. possible smegma build up too.
Darth Vader hadnt washed since he had the suit put on him. he had leather head going on and everything...
by steeeeeve June 21, 2005
11 45
n. An unwanted person, usually overly high or drunk. buzzkill
Dylan (very drunk): Hey guys! Wassssuuuup!? (attempts a high five and trips.

Nick: Get outta here leatherhead.
by anonymous45555 April 16, 2008
9 52
is a city located in surrey which has the shitest high street and has nothing to offer apart from chavs and pikies.
don't go to leatherhead
by leatherhead definer October 18, 2006
27 72
A dull town in Surrey, England that is stuck in the 1980's. Voted UK's worst high street due to the fact that most businesses moved out after it became apparent that nobody had any desire to visit the town for shopping. A pedestrianised high street and overpriced parking are the effective deterrents discouraging anyone thinking about visiting.

Highlights include the stamp sized Leatherhead Museum, home to an 'interesting' collection of lanterns and the filthy leisure centre.
Leatherhead is the worst town in England, fact.
by Jim Birtwisle April 02, 2008
22 68