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In a sexual act, while the male is standing, the female sits on the males shoulders from the front with the vagina directly in front of the males mouth. To keep her stable, he puts her up against the wall and performs oral sex. They will be against the wall, leaning at an angle looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

"Hey Ben lets go see what Peter and that girl are doing." (Peek in room)
"Oh dang, he is giving her the Leaning Tower of Puss."
"Lucky man!"

"Hey babe, how bout you throw me up against that wall and tower the fuck out of me."
"Oh yeah baby I gonna eat your pussy like spaghetti."

"Hey Peter, did you do 69 with that girl?"
"No, I gave her the Leaning Tower of Puss."
by PPBB&JJ May 02, 2013
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