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Leana & Alyssa are some of the coolest people on earth. They do badass shit and don't give a fuck about anybody else. When you see a Leana & Alyssa you are instantly amazed. It's a fucking spectacle. If you aren't a Leana & Alyssa... you wish you were.
Leana & Alyssa lover #1: Damn, Leana & Alyssa do some badass shit.
Leana & Alyssa lover #99999999: I know, it's so cool how they don't give a fuck about anybody else
Leana & Alyssa lover #1: Seriously, I love watching them. It's spectacular.
Leana & Alyssa lover #99999999: I just wish I was them
by Leana&Alyssa Lover #4693675474 December 25, 2009
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