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Diet frozen food with many varieties. My favorite being macaroni and cheese.
I bought 10 boxes of Lean Cuisine because it was on sale.
by Eliz-uh-buff June 22, 2006
Tall (6'0-6'6), sexy, cute, lean guy withhh tigghht abs.
Yo did you see that guy over there? Totally a lean cuisine ..id hit it

by baddestbitchnumba2 July 14, 2011
A tall and skinny, but goodlooking and muscularly toned man.
Most girls like giant, buff, men, but I am more into a nice Lean Cuisine.
by HamptonHawkeye October 17, 2011
when something is so horrible, that you begin to laugh & cry at the same time
mr. capriolla is such a sucky teacher, he would be the mac & cheese of lean cuisine.
by autumn freakin' turner November 06, 2007
a boughetto way of defining a limousine.
We were so classy last night, we took a lean cuisine out to the bar.
by tdk0524 January 09, 2011
Main Entry: lean cui-sine
Pronunciation: \ˈlēn, kwi-ˈzēn, kwē-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English lenen, Late Latin coquina --- more at Felix

1 : a chronic marijuana smoker
2 : to lean
3 : Felix
That guy smokes just as much as Lean Cuisine!
by anonylol September 10, 2008