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Ryan: Everything seems to fall apart and work like shit.
Rod: Well, Ryan, it's lean.
by Gen-tailia June 16, 2011
To be high/ under the influence of cannabis and only cannabis. Consists of mainly a body high (a high that affects the body, e.g. Not being able to walk straight would be a body high however not being able to think straight would be a mind high). It derives from ones legs not being able to withstand the weight of a humans body and so they must lean on something to stay upright.
Wow man, after we smoked all that dope i was so lean!
by a large anus July 18, 2014
to lay someone out/to merk someone/to badd someone up/threating to beat someone up realli
"Yeaaah watch now yeah ... see how you don't get leaned nex' time i see ya ! "
by L[*dot*]S July 22, 2006
to be stoned off of that maryjane
after i hit the bong I became extremely lean
by mr. dope man March 24, 2006
A mix of perscrition codiene cough syrup,vodka, sprite or soda of your choice, milk of magnesia, and jolly ranchers.
A trend that came out of the H-Town(Houston,TX.)

Drink and listen to chopped and screwed music. RIP DJ Screw
I'm still sippin lean, I'm still watchin "Scream"
-The Way We Ball-Lil Flip
by Mikie D March 22, 2005
To be high from weed
It is usually used when you are high AND drunk
Person #1: "That was a good shot of the Appleton and a nice blunt that went around"
Person #2: "I know, I'm so lean yo."
by RIL2 June 04, 2008
To be 'bare stoned'

To have been smoking 'marijuana'

'Man i am so lean'
'I'm quite lean man!'
by Goose-Uk April 22, 2008
High / Stoned. Under the infulence of Mary Jane.
Tob: Oi bruv you are bare lean?
Ben: yeah man im totally epically lean right now
by baremountsaleanbrehrightnow October 14, 2008

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