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Ryan: Everything seems to fall apart and work like shit.
Rod: Well, Ryan, it's lean.
by Gen-tailia June 16, 2011
The effect after smoking weed
mate, im bare lean!!
by mr. hash May 07, 2006
Only complete douchebags call themselves "LEAN." They say idiotic things like "Are ya lookin' boyyyy?" and "I'm feelin really LEAN today" But is reality, LEAN = Ghey
KBD - "Wow, I'm really feelin lean today"
Goldy - "That's not what your mom told me last night"

KBD - "Are ya lookin at how LEAN I am boy"
Admin - "You're banned for being too LEAN"
by Bolan March 11, 2011
something that SEEMS a certain way, a hint of, Ambiguous, you notice but isn't obvious, undertones
Didn't that show seem to have a Liberal lean to it?
by Jason Doplemore August 17, 2007
to knock a muafucka out
like when frazier was goin down lol he gat he gat leaned
by young deuce May 31, 2007
Commonly used when describing somebody as being 'lean as a bean.'

Basically, wen somebody is really stoned
Emanuelle: "O dear we've smoked far too much green 2nite"
Michaela: "I know Emanuelle, I'm soooo lean"
Emanuelle: "Ye ur a lean bean!"
by liza lizelli November 28, 2006
To be stoned/high on marijuana.
Bruv i'm so lean just been tokin' on some phat zoot.
by we3ed-uK May 02, 2011
when you're so bangered you start to lean.
"I'm bangered! I'm so bangered! I'm lean! Did you get lean?"
by dizzy sal July 25, 2008