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Traditionally, Leakin means poor, penniless, without wisdom, and without worldly possessions or power.

In the Pimpin Game, leakin means virtually the same thing. It represents when a low-level wannabe pimp has lost the couple of women that he/she was trying to turn out.
Luke Warm: "Man, I'm gotta get my ho's back. They can't leave me!"

J. Rue Perrou: "Tighten yourself up, git you some new vines, and get your game right Vic!
Yourself you need to be tweakin, 'cause you be Leakin!"
by Knowledge Doctor July 21, 2008
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Bleeding profusely, esp. after taking a beatdown on public transportation. Note, it may also necessitate bringing the amberlamps.
Person 1 (after video taping person 2's beatdown): We can press charges bro, I got it on video tape! Ohhhh you leakin! He leakin. You OK?

Person 2 (after receiving third party beatdown): Nah. Bring da amberlamps.
by The Amalamps February 19, 2010
when u bleedin like hell
he stole the shit out him, damn now he leakin
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
A slang-ghetto term for bleeding. Especially if you're losing alot of blood, cause' you might need ambalamps
That Nigga Tyrrell:Ahh, that white mofo punched me!!
Unitedstatesofameriqueesha: OOHH, he leakin', call ambalamps
by Shit Bobba March 11, 2010
The process of bleeding, or losing blood
B-ball player: yo that nigga cut his eye
Opp. team crowd member: yo atleast our nigga aint leakin'
by AP nigga February 24, 2006
Another word for Gossiping.. Telling others things that are not their business. Disclosing confidential (secret) information. Also the actions of being an informant for the law.
1. He is leakin to his girlfriend about the hold up
2. Dude is leakin to the S.E.D.
by DazzDeLaMorte March 09, 2007
Lying, not telling the truth!
Your Leaking, you need a tampon!
by T-izzle March 10, 2005

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