a leah is a fat, lazy, bitch who bullshits so much its unreal, and is always late and talks about you behind you back
person1; oh my fucking god look at that leah

person2; ewwww thats fucking gross
by kevin123890685067608 April 18, 2011
A girl who looks like a man. Usually has an attitude, works out a lot. A hint of testostorone can usually be detected.
Girl 1: Ugh, she's such a Leah.
Girl 2: Yeah, I heard she was having a bitch about you whilst pumping weights.
by GeekFace1024 October 04, 2010
A good fuck that will fuck you over after and looks like a 12 year old girl with tattoos, and is way too interested in money and drugs, preferably coke. Likes black cock.
Look at that skanky Leah... she's out on the corner again..
by Viking1988 July 06, 2010
Practically the most rudest, Ugliest bitch that has ever walked this planet.

She is a compulisive liar that don't know when to shut the fuck up.
She will lie her way through sympathy and has no emotions.
everyone hates her sooner or later, and she moves schools everyday.
She messes up people lives and friendships and should be gone from the face of the earth. SNM
Jazmin: Hey Leah, Whats new?
Leah: Ohhh you fat bitch go suck your mum.
Jazmin: :O Thats not very nice.
Leah: I have no feelings and imma go tell ma mama some lies about how you bully me.
Jazmin: :'( YOUR SUCH A LEAH!!!!
Leah: Everyone hates me so i'll go move schools now.
by Nikki Chip piefearon Benitez October 17, 2010
Someone who is incapable of loving Erik more than Erik loves Leah.
Don't be all Leah on him.
by bootmoop May 07, 2009
tits that go east and west.
check out that chick, She has a leah !
by ynaffit March 25, 2008
A fat american bitch that cheats on her boyfriend in his bed. A girl that eats a whole chocolate cake as an appitizer before cooking pancakes for dinner. Also has a very fake 'over the top' laugh that sends shivers through your body and has been known to wake the dead. And lingers after the conversation has finished and makes everyone feel awkward.
There's that annoying bitch leah
by bfg23 April 27, 2007

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