mexican male.
There is really no distinguishing one from another, because they are all only qualified to do yard work. Mostly on the grounds they are too lazy or stupid to learn English, the native language of the country they are living in.
Leafblowers live 20 deep in an apartment and play mexican circus music all damn day.

Hey we need to get our lawn mowed! We should call one of those leafblowers to do it!
by La Migra<3 December 14, 2008
Where you squat over a chicks face and fart, and all the little flecks of shit and toilet paper smack her real good.
So i layed her on the bed, told her to close her eyes, and then i leafblowed all over her!
by J-bizzle December 21, 2003
a MAN who likes to give head because no girl would like him. i knew a boy named merhaut in san marino who liked to give head for fun because no girls would date him.
merhaut couldn't get a girlfriend for his life so he pursued the career of a leafblower.
by Harold Young December 20, 2005
When a person has to fart and they put there hand in a cup formation and point it towards the gentails. They then release there gas.
Dan laughed as performed a leaf blower on his balls.
by Chris Bellingham January 19, 2005
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