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Crazy bastard who gets all the ladies.
Holy shit! Look at LeVan! He gets all the ladies!
by Bobert October 26, 2003
A crazy guy that kidnaps people.
"That guy is a levan!"
by Krazydawg December 20, 2011
1.) Rubs his ass in $240 woth-a puddin' after wispering it sweet nothings, along w/ his best friend Barrey.
"Now I knowwhat your thinking: 'Barry and Levan, where did you get $240??' Shhhhh. Don't worry your pretty little head. Ain't your concern."

"Awwwwww-Yeahhhhh! Two hundred, and Fourty Dollas, worth a puddin, aww-yeah."
by Ben Personick January 04, 2004