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The act of hijacking an hour of TV to tell thousands of people something they already know. See State of the Union Address.
Does LeBron have to take this long to say he's going to the Heat? Now there'll only be 3 episodes of SportsCenter tonight, instead of 4.
by Tikibarberfan July 08, 2010
A name that literally means "the best." "Le" meaning "the" and "Bron" meaning "best." An example of a person with this name is LeBron James, who in fact is the best (not Kobe Bryant).
Dude, LeBron and the Heat totally dominated Kobe and the Lakers last night.
by LeBrongreaterthanKobe March 18, 2011
Verb. The act of swatting the shit out of something in a persons hand. (LeBroned)
Guy 1: What happened last night?

Guy 2: She had her phone in her hand then the nigga ran up and LeBroned the SHIT outta her phone.
by Dat Nigga Scooby-Doo October 27, 2010
A slang word for a blunt, since Lebron James is the illest and burnin blunts is also the illest. A blunt is also called an "L", which we all know is the first letter in Lebron
Yo nigga, wanna hit the bubbler?

Nah, imma roll a lebron.
by jt killa March 08, 2009
a straight up gangsta g homie that rapes in the nba (no homo) and pwns and will get a ring.he will get 6 rings before he ends his career with 60,000 points at the end of his career he will shart on kobe's flour and pee on dwayne wade and fart in nash's face.
damn straight nukka its 21-0 and u lost nukka go cry pay up biach u own lebron
by lebronlovernohomo June 24, 2010
A celebratory word used immediately after something really cool just happened.
Originates from NBA 2003 rookie sensation Lebron James
Man, we totally jacked that kid for all his money... LEBRON!
by ryn August 05, 2004
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