A total manwhore who will screw anything. Just like Matt LeBlanc as himself on "Episodes".
That was my wife bro what the fuck! "I can't control myself I'm a total LeBlanc."
by Expert-TechShirt January 08, 2013
Top Definition
a last name. natural at being awesome. amazing. beautiful people. great people to be around. many people wish to be them.
Boy: Ohhh look at that beautiful girl, she must be a LeBlanc.

LeBlanc girl: Who has better jokes me or this guy?
Answer: You're a LeBlanc, you are better at everything.
by thebestleblanc April 07, 2011
Outrageously shiny or sparkly, to the point where you are blinded by a white flash (blanc = white)
Did you see her new ring? It was LeBlanc!
by LeRock July 17, 2008
butt sex, anal sex, stuck it in her other hole.
boyfriend: you want to try leblanc?

girlfriend: ewww. no!
by yea.. fuck it July 02, 2008
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