1. French for "tiger"
2. A Poppy, alternative, New Wave punk band. More popular on the west coast.
1. J'aime Le Tigre.
2. I like le tigre's song "my art".
by Sheepz July 19, 2003
Top Definition
feminist electro-punk dance music group, rapidly gaining popularity nationwide. members Kathleen Hanna Johanna Fateman and JD Samson.
Le Tigre was on Conan on April 15th, 2005. The video for Le Tigre's single TKO plays at American Eagle Outfitters. you can buy Le Tigre band tshirts at Hot Topic.
by electropunkgrrrl@gmail.com April 17, 2005
Le Tigre is a clothing label popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, often compared with Lacoste and Izod. Noticable for it's bright tiger logo on the upper right of their polo shirts, Le Tigre clothing was very hard to find due to its popularity. it is rumored former President Bush even had trouble getting his hands on a Le Tigre polo shirt in 1991.

Le Tigre was recently born again in 2003, and the clothing can be found in stores such as Law Jeans, at very high prices, the new line is noticably different due to the slightly enlarged tiger logo. Vintage Le Tigre clothing can still be found online in places like eBay.
I just bought a sweet Le Tigre shirt, it's really comfortable...but it set me back $30.
by andrew September 29, 2004
A male super model look - Preformed By Derik Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is his varry funny movie titled "Zoolander"
Le Tigre is soft yet deadly--- just like the tigers of France.
by none85 September 10, 2005
1) Was a nickname for Jacques Clemenceau, leader of France during and afer world war one. (I assume people who use this name today probably heard about it from a history lesson)

2) A clothing brand likened to lacoste because if it's tiger logo.

3) A new wave punk band

4) I could include that the name was used in zoolander, but I won't... Hey wait a second!
"Le tigre totally pwned Germany after WWI. (Just an example not my words)"

"Le tigre? WTF, you lacoste wannabe. (Again not my words, don't hit me)"

"Wow, if only I knew more about the band "Le tigre" then I might actually be able to write an example or summat."

"HAHAHAHA, look at the way he said he wasn't going to include the fact that le tigre is used in Zoolander but then he did, he's so funny I want his babies."
by AKALucifer October 29, 2005
A band that existed way before the Scissor Sisters, fool.
Le Tigre has been around for over a decade, fool.
by m16 June 14, 2007
A clothing brand whose symbol is a tiger. Frequently compared to Lacoste. It is a less expensive alternative, and just as classy. The collar is NOT to be popped.
Did you see the guy wearing a Le Tigre polo? He must be held in high esteem, I want to jump his bones.
by J-Nickles October 19, 2005
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