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A city of Northern France left in a post-apocalyptic state since its near-total destruction by Allied bombings at the end of WWII. Reconstruction efforts have been foiled by both the constant rain and the insistance of some architect to rebuild the city with bunker-like buildings in case WWIII was to spring out. Some say that the only thing that stopped the Soviets from invading Western Europe was this heavily fortified city as well as the Volcan, a weird structure possibly containing multiple nuclear devices ready to rain upon enemy nations.

Repopulation efforts begun a few years ago with the opening of a Sciences Po Paris Campus, dedicated to the study of Europe and Asia.
Kid: it always rains in Le Havre :'(

Boss: You screwed up again... That's it, you're being sent to Le Havre!
#france #rain #post apocalyptic #ugly #sunny #lh
by Badger_Man_76 March 17, 2011
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