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Awesome, just Awesome
A very good person
Small, brown hair and a good student,
Has a talent : good listener
Everyone who is her friend has real luck
Thinks that Alvaro looks good
Tom.. : Hey Lcatt
Lcatt :Hey Tomato brb, have to make homework, dont make my keyboard red
Tom... : :o
by TomatoGer May 09, 2011
Awesome, and more Awesome
Is usually a girl, a good student
Thinks that Alvaro looks good
A very friendly person and a good listener
Her friends should be happy to have her

Tom.. : Hey Lcatt
Lcatt : Hey Tom... BRB doing homework and learn a bit, SONT MAKE MY KEYBOARD RED !
Tom.. : *wtf from where...* ok :)
by TomatoGer May 11, 2011