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The act of falling asleep while she's on top.
Don't get mad at me, it's your fault that I'm such a lazy fuck.
by Sawyertt December 05, 2010
~Where fully reclined is a state of mind ~
Bunch of reclining lazy fucks.

Hence the short example I'm to lazy.
by Tropic September 23, 2004
A lazy fuck is either someone who's too lazy to have a job


someone having sex, but too lazy to move.
Fundo is a lazy fuck. His girlfriend rides him every day, and he hasn't had a job in 10 years. That lucky bastard.
by authOOr October 16, 2006
Lazyfuck is reclined 24/7, its run by a 30yrs old, a pimp by night, retard by day.

To be a lazyfuck, go to lazyfuck.net (forums-hazing) its mandatory that you have at least one good story to prove to us, you are truly a Lazyfuck, then you'll be at home.
See forums at Lazyfuck.net
by Tropic September 28, 2004
The true forums of the gods..

Also: LF

a website located at www.lazyfuck.com, which has spawned a breed of "lazyfucks".
"Get off your ass and order me a pizza, Chris!"

"You can order your own pizza you LF!"
by Slip February 06, 2005