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Lazaeroth is an alias adopted by an English genius known by a special high few to be the next Messiah of all combined races and creeds. His will is unparalleled and his word is tantamount to Gods. Some speculate he may even be the embodiment of God, incarnated into mortal form. Bitches always want to play him down, but Lazaeroth will show them with a prophylactic display of epicness that will win him lots of girlfriends.

Those who deem him a mere egotist are naysayers and will be delt with in the afterlife.
"Lazaeroth is a pretty cool guy, eh kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything…" - Jon Michel.
#lazaeroth #sciarri #god #messiah #cheese #crumpets
by Alan Rickman February 21, 2010
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