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A small girl who is very shy at first but once you get to know her better you get to see how funny and social she is. She is one of those people that you trust really quickly even though you don't know them for that long but she won't break your trust. After a while you talk, text and chat non-stop with her and your day just seems incomplete if you haven't said a word to her that day. Laya is a sweet, small and adorable person who is actually able to break your ribbs in an instant if she wants to, she's much stronger than she looks like. She likes to hug and you just can't say no to her, you'd do anything for her just to hear that weird giggle of hers.
"Hey you got a message! " Oh, it must be from Laya.
by Piercethesuicide April 01, 2013

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A kind, quiet girl normally with red hair and brown eyes. She is loved by most people, but a few jerks feel she is 'annoying'. If you ever meet a Laya, be sure to give her a chance. She will surely become your best friend. Laya means 'sleep' (or so I am told).

You're lucky to have a best friend named Laya. I should know. My best friend is a Laya.
Hey Caitlin, who is your best friend?
You see that redhead Laya over there?

SHE is my best friend. Don't bother her she'll hate you. You don't want her to hate you!!!!
by CaityBaby0110 March 21, 2012