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The practice of finding and abusing loopholes in written and spoken contracts. Used mainly by lawyers, in court and in everyday life.
Spoken Contract by Lawyer: If the iPhone comes out at Macworld I will buy you one

Person: Umm, ok, Steve announced the iPhone. You'll buy me one when it comes out in June, right?

Lawyer: No, in fact, I said if the iPhone COMES OUT at macworld i'd buy you one, which it didn't, so therefore I am in no way obligated to purchase said phone for you.

Person: Come on, quit playing Lawyer Ball
by KeatonTech March 30, 2008
The art of playing the rules instead of playing a game. For example, trying to work out a walk in slow-pitch softball. Swing the bat, you puss!

Also applicable to weenies who demand free throws after the slightest contact in a pick-up basketball game and d-bags who take yardage penalties in backyard football games.
Pops: Hit it out of the park, boy!
Son: Don't pressure me, I'm trying to work the count.
Pops: Don't play lawyer ball, son.
by Harris Bergstein December 18, 2006
The proverbial prowess of an attorney. Usually based on number of wins and willingness to take the tough and/or high-profile cases.
Tim Bowles earned his Lawyer Ball many many cases ago.
by Misanthropic71 March 26, 2008
A disparaging nickname for soccer.
My friend was talking about the FIFA World Cup, then he asked if I watched it and I said, "I would never watch that damn Lawyer Ball!"
by cool4dude December 16, 2006