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Derioved from: Lawl. Origins in Lol.

Lawlerpops is in league with roflcopter and thus, though described as a noun, lacks definition as one. lawlerpops can be substituted for many "lol" 's or for a laughable situation.
1:Omfg So likes i waz dancingz wit my girlfriendzors n suddeenly she was like ohhh emmm geezz im so tiredzz and she like passed out on tha floorz and gotz trampledz!?

2: LAWLERPOPS Im Like dgafing all over deh floors ov mai roflkoptorz kEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKEKEKEKEK
by Kekleberries'n'kream September 02, 2009

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