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It's like a LOLcat but for law geeks.
Lawlcat on crutches in a train station: "Palsgraf Cat Never Saw it Coming"

Lawlcat in burning wheatfield: "Wickard v. Filburn Cat: Cannot Grow this Wheat for his own use"
by Atlanta Law May 01, 2010
A word which, although originally meant to laugh, now is used as a subordinating conjunction or preposition in times of awkness or randomness.
Toni (falls in hole): Ow
Roslyn: Lawlcats!

Shannon: Omgomomgomg...lawlcatting!
David: Shut the fuck up!

Peter: Did you watch Desperate Housewives last night?
Ray: Lawlcats no, I'm not gay.

Toni: So like, fer serious, whatchamacall it.
Ray: Lawlcats? What are you saying, whore?
by Thegeekinthepink2321 May 26, 2009