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When something is awkward, a clever way of saying awkard, " The awkward" in " french" with a cute french spin. Originated at Notre Dame Academy All girls High School
girl: why is she staring at you?
other girl: because she hates me
girl: ... l'awkward.
by teddytedteddy April 28, 2010
An adjective that describes the awkward nature of law students. It is often characterized by a law student's inability to properly interact with others in a social setting.

pronounced: law-kward
People at the last bar review were really lawkward.
by UCLA & USC Law 2013 August 14, 2011
a classy way to say awkward since everything sounds classier in french.
"Adrienne you're soooo hot"
"Victoria..... l'awkward, please stop trying to be me"
by aashley18 April 29, 2010
Lawkk•ward Lock-ward


1. socialy independent; non-conformist.

2. practical in a way that denotes a disregard for societal demands: a louchlyn action or a louchlyn point of view.

3. socially inappropriate comments or actions that despite being humorous are considered to be offensive by most.

4. used to describe a compliment that has an implied insult: You aren't as stupid as I thought; or: You aren't as ugly in person.



noun: louchlyn
The lawkward proposal to feed the homeless to the hungry has special interest groups up in arms.
by Tremaine789 February 04, 2010