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The Law of RegaReda , short for "Real Game Release Date" is a formula that descibes the REAL release date of a Game.

Game Makers usually announce that their games will be released on a certain day (eg. 23 september 2005) but due to some factors and variables (like bugs.. dependant on game size) the game is actually released days, or even months later (eg. 2 November 2005)

The first Full Formula is:

O = R + (P + (5^S))

O = Official Release date, the result of the formula.
R = Release date , as given by the producer
P = (expected) game price in stores, in dollars.
S = (expected) game size in GigaBytes.

S and P will be converted to a number of days in the formula.

It was thought of by a team of dutch gamers (including me lol) who thought they would finally help out gamers that were waiting for a game to FINALLY COME OUT.
It was based on the statistics of 6 different games, released throughout 2005
Although we don't even know if it really works oO (it does with most EA games but not with all of course) and we cant find a real suitable name for him.
EA: Battlefield 2: Special Forces, will be released on 24 october
WE: O = R + (P + (5^S))
WE: Lets say... 30 dollar cos its an update.. and S = 400mb (0.4gb) .. its not such a very big update.
WE: O = 24 + (30 dollar + (5^0.4))
WE: O = 24 + 32
WE: This will mean... around the 26th of November.
(we shall see if the Law of Rega-Reda works for this)
by Zero-G November 07, 2005
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