A person with a compulsive desire to constantly be on facebook, updating and commenting on every detail of their life.
Your such a lavender on facebook all the time.

Johns such a Lavender, comments on everything
by mr_cheese1 December 30, 2010
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Adj. A pejorative term for an effeminate heterosexual male. Lavender does NOT describe homosexual men; it is solely used to describe straight men who exhibit female qualities.
"Dude, is Craig watching Grey's Anatomy?" "Yeah, he's a little lavender."
by Danno Chuchiak April 17, 2007
The most beautiful, talented, epic, awesome, and irresistible female on the face of the earth. Lavender is a name only worthy of those who have undying beauty, and unbelievable talent. So beautiful, in fact, men often have to fight over her totaly epic qualities.
"Lavender is so pretty... even prettier than that Olivia chick!"

"Hey, there goes Lavender, she's hella bomb to the core!"
by Kevin N. Hernandez August 27, 2013
Lavender weed smells good.
Dealer: here's your lavender weed.
Pothead: thanks man this is the shit.
Dealer: ik:)
by Thatfreshmen October 17, 2011
Lavender; Lavendula angustifolia. A small shrub whose flowers signify unconditional, unchanging love. An emblem of enduring faithfulness, lavender means “I’ll love you forever.”
Give lavender to a girl if you've got the balls to follow through.
by DewRose December 22, 2010
Lavender is a type of cannabis indica, it has a slight purple color and a very pungent aroma. it was recognized in the 2006 Cannabis Cup.
Yo, I just scored a bag of Lavender. who wants to go brain dead.
by CannabisOblivion January 19, 2010
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