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1. The result of a tornado descending upon an active volcano (torcano), lavadogs occur when a lavabomb hits the ground and creates a new lava flow, typically many miles away from the original volcano.
2. Any dog that has somehow been overcome with or fallen into lava. Lavadogs tend to be somewhat evil and extremely hot to the touch.
1. A lavadog from that torcano on Mt. St. Helens was seen flowing right down Main Street in downtown Portland.
2. My dog used to be really friendly, until he fell into that pit of lava. Now he is a typical lavadog, always biting and burning me.
by Tha Wizz June 10, 2009
A poop that is so malicious and hot that it feels like your asshole is going to burn/melt; poop that would make one think that they ate magma
Jesus! I just lava dogged so bad I think that my ass hair is singed.
by OhNoSecrets October 04, 2010
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