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A Beautiful girl with an amazing personality who likes Ian
"Hey look at Lauren she is lookin great today"
"yea but dont go for her, she likes Ian and no one else"
by Totally not ian April 22, 2013
3 4
a person who knits, drinks tea and reads and is typically called a lauren
ha look at that person over there she is such a lauren
by pseudonym12343445 January 16, 2013
6 11
Beautiful, magnanimous, extroverted redhead that bears slight resemblance to a turtle/pre-historic creature. Lauren is an excellent volleyball player and artist and is adored by all.

Lauren is the kind of girl who is constantly explaining things to people, because she is so smart and so kind to those less intelligent than she.

She has freakishly long nails, but they are always clean. She sometimes wears sweatpants to school, and other times she wears a dress; either way, she never looks out of place and always looks divine.
Person A: Gee whiz, is that Lauren?
Person B: Sure is! She is easily recognized by her talon-like fingernails and long red hair.
by EscapeThisPlanet November 05, 2012
8 14
A little hellhole with no stores. A literal ghosttown. SUCKS BALLS. Located in upstate New York
Morris, milford, edmonston, and cherry valley all suck balls like laurens
by amonaco23 April 03, 2011
20 27
Lauren is a jew
Anthony: dude lauren is such a jew
Jordan: a stupid jewish ass hoe.
Liam: sex
by Nastyzeke June 10, 2013
1 12
A girl who is obsessed with One Direction. Laurens are the biggest fangirls ever. They are sweet, but have a perverted side. Laurens are some of the greatest friends anyone can have.
Gianna: One Direction.
by blackveilpanda May 27, 2013
2 14
A really funny person. Sometimes will spread rumors about you and your other friends to become popular. Always thinks about herself first(in a bad way) and never wants to tell you anything thats stupid so you can feel left out. She will mke you laugh in the weirdest ways and has a pretty smile but dosent really show it that much. She will make you cry. Garenteed
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Laurren today?
Guy 2: Yes and she made me feel like shit.

Guy 1: Cuz i was wondering, is it really true that you slept with becky?

Guy 1: Oh, i bet you Lauren made that up>>>>>

Girl 1: OMG Wy r u crying?
Girl 2: That Bitch Lauren made up rumors that i slept with Mark.
Girl 1: WOW! Lets just not talk to her anymore
by Missymumu<3 December 08, 2012
7 19