(adj.)- someone crazy(in a good way), sweet, silly, cute and ultimately a child at heart.
by WildChildx23 September 25, 2010
A word to describe a person with a flirty and sometimes niaeve/innocent character. Slowly becoming a label, like chav, emo, goth ect
Guy: i bet you look great in a bikini!
Girl 1: I bet that you'd look better...
Girl 2: You're being such a Laurel!
by Laurelieeeeeee June 02, 2008
A city in maryland spanning 3 counties, settled in between Baltimore and DC. Laurel is know for the main road, rt 1, which black prostitutes and homeless beggars use as thier personal catwalk. Laurel could possibly claim the rights to the wigger movement, in which white kids with hillbilly racist parents dress in white reeboks, fubu, hoop earing with saying like "wifey" or "delicious" engraved in them, and a penchant for slicked down hair and cornrows. Laurel is lined with dive bars and pawn shops, and frequently smells like mexican farts.
yo homie sup representin Laurel
by clarkcunt January 05, 2009
A girl that is extremely gorgeous on the outside, sweet as "peaches," but very immature and insecure on the inside. They are control freaks and will fuck up all the relationships with people around you, even when they don't mean to. They leech off of your life for a sense of security and are the Ultimate Homie Hopper. BEWARE! They WILL fuck your best friend/s.
That chick is so fucking beautiful. Too bad she's most likely a Laurel.
by Peach St. Booger November 09, 2010

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