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A basket for laundry.
Person: "I need a basket for my laundry. I think I will buy myself a laundry basket."
by Evil October 18, 2003
A weapon of fatal forehead destruction.
Eric and Danielle go tobogganing. Eric is fatally wounded by a sudden laundry basket accident.
by Johnny P. October 26, 2004
A seduction technique in which a woman nags her lover about not putting his clothes in the laundry basket. The woman proceeds to move the clothes to the laundry basket, all while engaging in continuous intercourse.
Man 1: Hey man, how did last go with Tina?
Man 2: It was pretty good, even though she pulled a laundry basket on me.
#dickshunary #laundry #basket #sex #penis #boobs #vagina
by Dickshunary September 19, 2009
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