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A Person who is very slim and tall, hasn't got any muscles and acts like a coward or a pussy. A Lauch looks like a beanstalk and is very weak.

The word Lauch has its origin in Hamburg, Germany. But it has become a common word all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Oh boy, Ole is the biggest "Lauch" of the whole universe. He looks like a beanstalk.
by TQB May 29, 2007
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To make an agonizing expression, similar to a grimace, while having sex or masturbating profusely.
Sally lauched unexpectedly while John boned her.
by Jesus H. Christ March 10, 2005
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"Lauch" describes a person, which has no muscels and is a little bit nerdy.
"Jonas ist so ein Lauch" - "Jonas is a Lauch"
by doctor syntax March 01, 2016
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