"Latvia", "home" of Edmund Steins aka Edman, the owner of LastFF (probably the best forum in the world).

Once said to be comparable to a rubbish dump, most people have now concluded that Latvia doesnt really exists and only exists in Edmans head.
Stupid Latvian Cunt
Latvia doesnt exist
Fucking Latvians
Trust Latvia
Just do it Latvian
by Turks October 07, 2004
a tiny country in Europe where human rights are violated.
Latvia should be kicked out of European Union, because of human rights violation.
by Claque April 14, 2005
Unfortunately, the country where nazism survives with the connivance of Latvian government. Riga is the only European capital where SS war criminals can march freely in the streets. Viagra Vike-Freiberga should apologize for what's going on in her country. Latvia is also known for the discrimination of more than 600,000 "non-citizens" living there.
What a shame to the country!
by V. Day May 09, 2005

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