one of the best Countries in Europe. Homeland of my Grandfather, and Heinz Erhardt, who is one of the greatest Comedians and MCs that Germany ever had.Period.
No zemes sis mes izangusi esam
Un saja zemegalvu noliksim.
by Zuckerpapa June 07, 2005
The coolest country in the world next to the good ol USA
I would like to go visit Latvia
by Tatanka September 11, 2003
Small country in Europe. To most people it associates with USSR, but it's not true! Latvia is almost democratical country. The main problem there is high level of corruption and non-citizens. Non-citizens just make problems and dont't become citizens and diss latvians (it's mainly about russians). They even want russian language official in latvia.
Non-citizens causes latvia a lot of problems.
Fuck the Latvias non-citizens lamos!
by all because of them June 02, 2007
City in Eastern Europe situated in the middle of the Baltic States. The capital city is Riga. Its national language is Latvian. Latvia is famous for having the largest Russian population of all three Baltic states, its beautiful women, artist Mark Rothko and DJ Lethal (born Leor Dimant) of House Of Pain and Limp Bizkit fame.
"Latvia? Is that a country or something?"
by TimFS October 24, 2004
A small country in Western Europe that was a part of the former USSR
i went to latvia for vacation
by kristina February 27, 2005
is a country between Russia and United Kingdom. Proud and slutty at the same time
- Where you from?

- Im from Latvia!

- Is it like next to Russia or smth?

- Exactly! Right between Russia and England!
by capsvovk September 23, 2010
The state reached when a bodybuilder concentrates too much on developing his/her back muscles.
Hey, what's the deal with the back paunch on Arnold Schwarzenegger?

He had a bad case of latvia when he was younger.
by latvian lover April 26, 2006

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