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A Person that is rich as hell and usually snotty that uses an Apple Macintosh computer

in other words there fags and use crapple macintrash.

Hey check out this weeks leopard mac bro..! i just got it after spilling my latte on my old osX mac
Latte Sipper- basically in short they go to a wireless hotspot lounge with a coffee shop and get a latte and sip it as they use there macintrash laptop. Or if they live at home and have a macintrash desktop they may fuckin have a home-latte/espresso machine to get there fag latte.
by teh w1ndz0r July 16, 2008
A rich person or persons who exploit their richness in public and brag excessively about it.

(also see latte sippers

That guy just bought a car so he can drive two blocks to work, what a latte sipper
by Peter Sibicky April 14, 2008

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