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A derogatory word used to describe Latino's based on peoples experiences on how they live and act.
Hey, it looks like another wave of Latrino's have invaded S. Florida again.
#latino #cuban #illegals #immigrant #aliens
by Hawkerjetpilot April 02, 2007
Latrino is a racial slur used for people who faulsely have dubed them selfs as latinos such as native americans and mulattos who are from once formor spanish collinies. Latrin means toilt-urinal in french-latin the word latrino implys they are not latins ,but they are urinals
most people in the united states are ignorant and call native americans who speak spanish latino when in fact they are latrino true latinos are Italians
#latrino #latino #latrin #latin #hispanic
by NLR718 July 09, 2006
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