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A sexy, most likely hard to get bitch. She doesn't talk shit, or doesn't give to fucks. Only if she could. She wants to pound everyone's face in because she's in denial about her heart being broken by every boy she looks at. She is best paired with a boy named Luis. Sometimes she is observant and quiet and likes to hear the juicy gossip and she confronts the person she trusts with her soul the secret. She usually is the blackmailer or gets blackmailed. Easily Depressed. But no easily at Sex.
Andy: Why is Latoyria such an unhappy child?!
Leah: Idk, she's such a bitch though.
Andy: I know right?
Latoyria: -Comes behind you with rape face- ..I'm not depressed.
by PyschoSlowpoke May 31, 2012

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