Nothing short of a genius, Latham knows everything about anything. Unmatchable in wit and humor, latham is a kind and considerate friend and always has good advice on anything you ask him. commonly shortened to 'Lath' or 'Latho'
bro 1: dude, i'm having some trouble
bro 2: go ask latham
by jaribus October 19, 2011
Top Definition
To Latham something is to consume a large quantity of something in a short amount of time..
Don't Latham all the food fool! We gotta save some of that for later..
by thechamp25 August 01, 2011
1. To nearly become successful at something (ie, Australian politics) but then cock it up monumentally

2. To go a bit psycho and break someone's arm
1. "Did Russ win the Oscar?"
"Nah mate, pulled a latham."

2. "Did you pay the taxi driver?"
"Nah, bro, I went latham on his arse"
by Jane from Ostrayla September 26, 2006
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