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To Latham something is to consume a large quantity of something in a short amount of time..
Don't Latham all the food fool! We gotta save some of that for later..
by thechamp25 August 01, 2011
Nothing short of a genius, Latham knows everything about anything. Unmatchable in wit and humor, latham is a kind and considerate friend and always has good advice on anything you ask him. commonly shortened to 'Lath' or 'Latho'
bro 1: dude, i'm having some trouble
bro 2: go ask latham
by jaribus October 19, 2011
1. To nearly become successful at something (ie, Australian politics) but then cock it up monumentally

2. To go a bit psycho and break someone's arm
1. "Did Russ win the Oscar?"
"Nah mate, pulled a latham."

2. "Did you pay the taxi driver?"
"Nah, bro, I went latham on his arse"
by Jane from Ostrayla September 26, 2006