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Last Summer is the fourth single from Start Something, the second album by the Welsh rock band lostprophets. The previous singles, Burn Burn, Last Train Home and Wake up (Make a move) had all been highly sucsessful on both sides of the Atlantic so this single was under pressure to be as good. It reached 13th in the UK Singles Chart and also charted in the United States. The music video for the single shows lead singer (Ian Watkins) driving around a small town on the last day of the summer school term. As he reaches his destination, the beach, he then goes back to the beginning and drives past the school again but in a different decade - the 70's, 80's, and the present (00's).

Track listing

CD 1
Last Summer
Sweet Dreams My LA Ex (cover)

CD 2
Last Summer
Reptilia (cover)
In The Air Tonight (cover)
Video : The Making Of Last Summer

Last Summer
Boys Don’t Cry (cover)

from the album: Start Something
Released: August 23, 2004 (U.K)
Format: CD
Genre: Rock
Length: 4:07
Label: Columbia Records / Visible Noise
Producer(s): Eric Valentine

Chart positions
13 (U.K)
The Fourth Single from start something is last summer
by Scarer August 11, 2006
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