Term for an individual who is a "Little Asshole" Mostly referring to people who are extremely annoying and a youngster. People who an be classified as a lasshole are usually compeltely dickish and arrogant.
Dude, Shawn's little brother is suuuuch a Lasshole! Really can't stand him.
by mad1987 August 13, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who thinks they're the greatest but is a dud. Has a hard time deciding what color underwear to put on. Has a harder time differentiating whether they're just an asshole or homosexual which is accepted in most parts of the world today.
example : to lash out ; be upset about something
example : put name here is being an asshole today
example : tally called logan an asshole for making molly cry
example : logan was an asshole in so many ways but kind in a few which makes him a lasshole

lasshole is an asshole
lasshole can be surprisingly kind
lasshole is a closet homosexual
by SGT.UNsweet January 30, 2008
A female asshole or nasty lass.
That bitch can be a real lasshole.
by Genith of Nolana October 24, 2013
Person who lives in LA and is an asshole. (lass-hole).
This guy just cut off me on 405! What a lasshole!
by lasshole hatter January 18, 2014
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