all i know is that it is an italian dish(food)and Garfield really loved it. i would say,an italian "sheperds" pie.
could i have some lasagna?
by Muts May 17, 2007
One of Garfield's favorite foods to eat.
Garfield always eats lasagna before it can cool
by claustrophobic chicken February 06, 2005
1. God, in edible form, or
2. the food of the gods.
Lasagna is the best food on this earth.
by Adrian June 06, 2007
Pasta cake.
Yummmm... Lasagna.
by Cabbage_Hat August 13, 2009
Namely, the lasagna noodles, with their wavy edges resembling a woman's labia.
I ate her lasagna for hours. Gladly, there was no cottage or ricotta cheese to speak of.
by Mark"roadhouse"Jones September 28, 2010
Seriously? You search Lasagna?
You really need to eat lasagna right now.
by Crushmind April 20, 2012
a form of insanity
Jill: Wow, a mail man ran over your dog, that sucks

Pete: Yeah, it was lasagna
by dusseldorfer91 March 24, 2010
Left over weed
Bro do you still have that lasagna? lets reheat that shit
by xoxobitchez May 27, 2011

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