Kick ass TV show on NBC.
Danny is sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!mmmmmmm
by lalalala May 07, 2005
The place where you go to bang cheap sluts
Las Vegas is the place to be.
by Travman December 01, 2002
The worst city in the world. Filled with dumbasses, rejects, dumb street hoes, gooey, porn filled streets, smoke filled rooms, and too much gambling. Hotter than hell and dirty as fuck. Disgusting in every possible way and not even 1 billionth as good as San Diego
Want to go to hell on earth? Sure, then let's go to Las Vegas.
by ShAdY July 25, 2004
The home of Dirtysanchez
Hey rebelx time for your dirty sanchez
by Heyrebtatooed October 03, 2003
Reno, NV's larger, more southern brother, with an assload of Southwestern influences. Located in a more arid region. Stick to Reno instead.
It doesn't snow in Las Vegas, therefore they're more retarded than Reno.
by dj gs68 July 15, 2003
A place to go if you want to see booze on the streets, porn on the sidewalks, way too many casinos, lights so bright that it'll give you a headache for weeks, motels that smell like cigarettes, scum, and any other form of bullshit.
Las Vegas is America's worst city.
by Lieutenant Tarpit June 03, 2004

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