A city of murder,mayhem and chaos.The city that never sleeps is one of the biggest cities in the United States.Lined at the center of it all is the strip.A place of gambling and partying.Then you got the North side, the part of Vegas thats ghetto, the nickname of the north side is the "Dumps" or "northtown".The West and east sides are the middle class parts of Vegas.The South side of Vegas is the richest neighborhood in Las Vegas,nickenamed ""so high" which stands for "southern highlands" all in all vegas is a great city and if your a scrub its fucking paradise.
Vegas also has other nicknames such as Las Vicious, V-Town, and of course Sin City.
My trip to vicious was fucking crazy homie ,can't wait to go back. I love Las Vegas
by V.I.K August 08, 2009
I've lived in Vegas almost all my life, so this is what Vegas really is .
It's hot . Really, really hot . It doesn't really get cold in the winter . It barely ever rains .

Vegas is stereotyped . People see Vegas for the lights, clubs, and strippers . That makes up little of Vegas . Vegas is ghetto and full of gangs . Be careful who you talk to, or be prepared for a shootout . People in Vegas tend to have no common sense, and many are ratchets .

There's long term projects that nobody ever finishes . Like Lake Mead . It's never NOT under construction . Vegas is an ugly place .

There's no type of fun things to do for children under the age of 18 . There's one measly indoor amusement park called The Adventure Dome, and the rides get boring, and nobody wants to pay almost $30 to ride the same few rides over and over again . This is probably the leading cause of increasing gangs . True story .
*Going out of town*
Person ; "Oh my gosh, you live in Las Vegas? How cool!
Me ; Nah, not really. It's hot and there's nothing fun to do .
by VegasKidOriginal January 01, 2013
Las Vegas is THE greatest city to party, live and die for! So many awesome hotels (bellagio and venice rocks!) clubz and shops! This town is a MAKE YOU TOWN!
A: Damn, i gotta earn some money
B: go to las vegas and play poker if you dont suck at it!
by jaskov June 03, 2008
A city that is so epic it causes great depression among most. Visiting will make you realize how bad your day-to-day life really is.
Even if you go to Las Vegas and win some money while you're there (rare instance), you'll still be "epic-sad" when it comes time to head for home and return to your shitty old lifestyle. And if you drove to Vegas, your departure will be even shittier as you find yourself driving through miles upon miles of vast desert and lost souls.

If you get laid, you'll come home with aids.
by jizzinmypantsok March 02, 2013
An ingenious way to waste 28 billion gallons of water.
As long as I get my hookers gambling and free food, who gives a fuck about the sprinklers?

A metropolis in the middle of a desert is a wonderful, long-lasting idea.

I go to Las Vegas to not give a shit about the worlds problems and subsequently increase them.
by Flagged February 19, 2013
The new Mexico(not to be confused with New Mexico). Mainly populated with assholes, hobos, shemales, hustlers, gangsters, and of course Mexicans, some what of LA, but with more gambling. Main income from Las Vegas comes from cornholing tourist of their life savings and that's about it there isn't anything else to go here.

Las Vegas is very stereotypical in the movies, but is a really more like homeless tweeker asking you for a dollar so he funds together for a bottle of Wild Irish Rose so he'll be able to go to sleep next to the convenience store parking lot(which is actually what you will get asked for a lot walking down Fremont or any garbage infested shithole street that's in the central of town). Las Vegas is best as a one time experience just so I would be able to slap you in the face and tell you I told you so.
Let's never fucking think about Las Vegas as is it was in the hangover, because we are in jail now for a week for jay-walking. Unlike the ones in the movie who got away with being tased for stealing a police car.
by wythstyles December 12, 2010
Best Places In The World But Actually Most Parts Of The City Is Ghetto EastSide Westside Northtown Are All The Same It's Cool But It's Just Like Los Angeles
#1:Want To Go To The Nicest City In The World #2:Las Vegas? #1:Yes #2:But Its Like L.A.
by Lil BG Devil August 13, 2009
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