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A tourist place that has a lot to do away from the resort area but not many tourists actually do.
Wow, I didn't realize Honolulu was so much like Las Vegas.
by mojave August 17, 2003
74 35
A heavenly place filled with bright lights, famous headliners, friendly lap dances from surgically augmented ladies.
Mark and Alex took their cousin Jimmy for his 21st birthday to get some tasty Las Vegas lap dances.
by U.J. July 27, 2005
75 44
A place where residents get pissed at the tourists taking all the space at resturants,stores,and most of all,parking space!

But still,this place isn't bad just because what people say "there is a lot of hookers and drunks." Las Vegas is actually a great,beautiful place. Don't believe the people who hate the place. They probably hate it because they lost all their money on some slot machine in the MGM.
Person 1:Hey,want to go to Vegas?
Person 2:Hell yeah!
Person 3: Las Vegas is a bad place!
Person 1 and 2:Shut up!
Person 3:Why?
Person 1: Because you're a pissy guy who probably lost all their money while gambling.
Person 3: You're right. D:
by IamIceCreamManWoot May 30, 2009
39 9
A city that will soon take over Los Angelees as the capital of the west coast.
Get drunk in L.a, get crunk in Las Vegas
by bigshow8891 September 28, 2006
75 51
A city of murder,mayhem and chaos.The city that never sleeps is one of the biggest cities in the United States.Lined at the center of it all is the strip.A place of gambling and partying.Then you got the North side, the part of Vegas thats ghetto, the nickname of the north side is the "Dumps" or "northtown".The West and east sides are the middle class parts of Vegas.The South side of Vegas is the richest neighborhood in Las Vegas,nickenamed ""so high" which stands for "southern highlands" all in all vegas is a great city and if your a scrub its fucking paradise.
Vegas also has other nicknames such as Las Vicious, V-Town, and of course Sin City.
My trip to vicious was fucking crazy homie ,can't wait to go back. I love Las Vegas
by V.I.K August 08, 2009
38 21
A city in the middle of the desert, known for gambling, quickie weddings and intense heat. A city where you can get anything at any time of day or night. Native Las Vegans don't do well outside of the city, as they are used to having everything open 24/7.
A closed sign infuriates them.
Las Vegas is home to one of the west coast's biggest populations of meth users.
I lived in Las Vegas, until the meth lab in the apartment next door blew up and killed us all.
by Val November 04, 2004
82 66
If you're a tourist, GREATEST place on earth. If you're a local, you hate it because its boring as shit, and the people you call "friends" are fake and shady. Oh and now the unemployment is the highest in the country, and so is the foreclosure rate. Word of advice, never move here, just visit. You'll hate it.
Tourists: "Hey lets go to Las Vegas, greatest city on earth!"
Local: "Man fuck this city, everyone's fake as fuck, I fuckin' hate it here, I can't wait to move, fuck this bro, shitty town and even shittier people"
by FUCK VEGAS February 03, 2012
15 7