If you're a tourist, GREATEST place on earth. If you're a local, you hate it because its boring as shit, and the people you call "friends" are fake and shady. Oh and now the unemployment is the highest in the country, and so is the foreclosure rate. Word of advice, never move here, just visit. You'll hate it.
Tourists: "Hey lets go to Las Vegas, greatest city on earth!"
Local: "Man fuck this city, everyone's fake as fuck, I fuckin' hate it here, I can't wait to move, fuck this bro, shitty town and even shittier people"
by FUCK VEGAS February 03, 2012
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the best city in the world. if u live here and complain about how there's nothing to do then ur a loser with no life. u probably wouldn't be happy anywhere else because you suck at life

the entertainment capital of the world. we make money off all the tourists and they get mad cuz we are taking their money.
Tourist: I loved vegas until I lost all my money, now I hate it.

Local:Yeah Las Vegas is awesome I love living here, it's so fun.

Loser:I hate living here cuz im under 21 and I have no friends to party with so I'm a sad and depressed loser. I bet Cali is better.
by OG SteveO December 09, 2006
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A heavenly place filled with bright lights, famous headliners, friendly lap dances from surgically augmented ladies.
Mark and Alex took their cousin Jimmy for his 21st birthday to get some tasty Las Vegas lap dances.
by U.J. July 27, 2005
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I've lived in Vegas almost all my life, so this is what Vegas really is .
It's hot . Really, really hot . It doesn't really get cold in the winter . It barely ever rains .

Vegas is stereotyped . People see Vegas for the lights, clubs, and strippers . That makes up little of Vegas . Vegas is ghetto and full of gangs . Be careful who you talk to, or be prepared for a shootout . People in Vegas tend to have no common sense, and many are ratchets .

There's long term projects that nobody ever finishes . Like Lake Mead . It's never NOT under construction . Vegas is an ugly place .

There's no type of fun things to do for children under the age of 18 . There's one measly indoor amusement park called The Adventure Dome, and the rides get boring, and nobody wants to pay almost $30 to ride the same few rides over and over again . This is probably the leading cause of increasing gangs . True story .
*Going out of town*
Person ; "Oh my gosh, you live in Las Vegas? How cool!
Me ; Nah, not really. It's hot and there's nothing fun to do .
by VegasKidOriginal January 01, 2013
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American excess at its most excessive.

Everything that's bad about the United States all rolled into one location.

A colossal waste of energy, in the middle of nowhere.
Las Vegas should be seen at least once, if only to prove that it really does exist, and isn't the demented fantasy of a Hollywood set designer.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 08, 2006
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A city that will soon take over Los Angelees as the capital of the west coast.
Get drunk in L.a, get crunk in Las Vegas
by bigshow8891 September 28, 2006
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A city in the middle of the desert, known for gambling, quickie weddings and intense heat. A city where you can get anything at any time of day or night. Native Las Vegans don't do well outside of the city, as they are used to having everything open 24/7.
A closed sign infuriates them.
Las Vegas is home to one of the west coast's biggest populations of meth users.
I lived in Las Vegas, until the meth lab in the apartment next door blew up and killed us all.
by Val November 04, 2004
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