1. America's dumpster and its left over garbage.
2. The armpit of America despite its status as its fastest-growing large city.
3. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
4. Sin City.
5. It may be the #1 tourist destination in america but it isn't called Sin City for nothing. Its enormous gambling industry has produced a modern day Sodom and Gomorah where dangerous, social vices are considered the norm--a culture of immorality, sexual promiscuity, drugs, alcoholism, sleeze and prostitution. As a result, this city is the most degrading place to women.
6. The only city you can be single, married and divorced in the same day. Just ask Brittany Spears.

I HATE Las Vegas.
the city of las vegas is evil and I can't wait for its economy to collapse.
by krock1dk September 12, 2007
Don't be decived. It may be America's fastest-growing large city, but two-thirds of people who relocate there move out after about 3 years, according to the National Association of Realtors. The growth is totally fake becuase they don't stay. This proves that this shithole in the middle of the Mojave Desert is an overrated sewer that gets its money from nieve gamblers hoping to make a quick buck. What a bunch of fools. I can't figure out why this city is so popular. Do you like to lose your money?

1. it ranks #1 in car theft
2. it ranks #1 in methamphetamines and cocaine arrests
3. HIV is on the rise
4. more adult stores than any other U.S. city
5. foreclosure central. Many people are losing their homes
due to:
6. overrated housing costs
7. oppressive summer heat
8. one of America's most violent cities
9. more child kidnappings and child murders than any other U.S. city

Does this sound like a city you would want to live? I didn't think so. Why its growing so fast is beyond me. It's a shithole.
I hate las vegas and its crap. The city can go to hell.
by krock1dk September 12, 2007
It is filled with..
1. Drunks
3. Gambling
4. Alot of dumb shit that kills people
Who wants to go get STD's and get drunk and die!! Oh we do papa come on lets go to Las Vegas!
by Ariana Lloyd November 26, 2004
Major gambling city, playland for the adults. Located in the middle of Nevada.
Me and Dennis Rodman is getting married in Las Vegas in 05.
by Saints November 07, 2003
Some shit town where if you're under 21, you get to do nothing.
KJ got shanked in Vegas because he's under 21 and tried to score in Cheetas . . . fucktard.
by embee February 28, 2005
A place where even the hookers know how to spell potato.
Yo, after we finish this job let's go get some mashed potatoes.
by Britt_the_shit August 05, 2004
1: The largest city in Nevada.
2: The tackiest, gaudiest, sleaziest, most gawdawful city in the United States, possibly even all of North America.
3: A place where idiots go to lose all their money to casinos and cheap whores.
Thank God I don't live in Las Vegas...
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
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