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Second biggest city in New Mexico, but size isn't everything, this is a terrible city where nothing of interest ever happens but the Warped tour and even that's a stretch. We have a one story mall with maybe 18? stores, acres of crops and some mountians WOOOO! :p In fact it's prolly the worst place to ever visit/live in unless you have TB and/or are really really old. It's a place where going-nowhere-fast bands like to start up and stupid scene chicks go to all the local shows and end up having sex with everyone even girls, but not cos their truly bi/lesbian but more bored than anything & craving for attention. You KNOW what weed smells like if you were born or raised here. The white people are the minority and make fun of everyone not white every chance they get but their secretly jealous that they don't have cool grandmas and grandpas who can cook awesome Mexican food. But the well-fed beaners are always getting in fights and spittin out babies. Onate has all the prego's & stoners Mayfield has all the preps and stoners, and Las Cruces high has all the rest of the stoners and either really dumb people or really smart people. Everyone is related to each other and you probably have more fun on your facebook or myspace than in this city.
Yeah, Las Cruces isn't a very attractive place but hey, least it's not Almagordo.
by TortugaLoca May 05, 2010
A city in New Mexico, the land of enchantment. Also known as Lost Causes...Popular saying among locals..."Welcome to Lost Causes, land of entrapment. You'll come here on vacation, leave on probation and return on violation..." Once you come to Las Cruces, you will continue to come to Las Cruces...You'll never TRULY leave. Forbes ranked Las Cruces as the number 10 place to retire. Lot's of pot, lots of meth, lots of heroin. Las Cruces is where the cowboys roamed, and is home to the Rio Grande river...As well as a large group of Juggalos. MMFWCL!

Druggie 1: "I'm getting the fuck out of Las Cruces for GOOD!"
Druggie 2: "Haha! You'll be back whether you like it or not!"
Druggie 1: "You'll see!"
Druggie 2: "Yeah, I'll see you when you get back!
by "Me see a valley!" December 01, 2012
A desert community made up of rich middle aged and old people from California, the natives who hate them, the mexicans who make up the entire minimum wage work force and steal jobs from wholesome protestants, and their kids who write on gutters in the outskirts of town.
"Hey, want to go to Las Cruces this weekend?"

"I'd rather go straight to hell and be sodomized by satan."
by Insane-sam September 14, 2008
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