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Full of delusional young people who think Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction are secretly dating. These people who ship "Larry Stylinson" as a romance call themselves "Larry shippers" and give hate to Louis's girlfriend Eleanor Calder. These Larry shippers have the brain the size of an atom and have below decent evidence that Larry Stylinson is real. These little scumbags do not know the word "respect" and need to face the fact that it isn't real AT ALL and shouldn't mess with someone's relationship. How would you dumb f***'s feel if someone bombarded your relationship? These parasites don't know that if Larry Stylinson ACTUALLY is real, then 1D would break up even faster and everyone in 1D including their fans will get hate, causing the break-up of 1D. "Ignorance is bliss" is these "Larry Shippers" motto.
Larry Stylinson shipper: Eleanor Calder is a beard, all she does is shop at Topshop and drink Starbucks!
by StephaniePseudonym May 26, 2013
91 606
The biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. Think about Louis' and Harry's friendship. If you've noticed, since the X-Factor and when the whole 'Larry' thing started, they've drifted further apart. Sorry, but that's my opinion. Don't like it? Well fuck you because I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck.
Larry Stylinson is fucking fake
by Who the fuck April 26, 2013
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