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Big man-titties associated with a quality control manager named larry. These late went on to inspire a punk/rock/ska cover band by the name of "larry's tits" from cleveland. The band features 40oz. express on drums/vocals and Johnny alternative on guitar/vocals. Best known for their renditions of Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane", Nirvana's "Molly's Lips", Sublime's "Badfish", and "Big Salty Tears" by the Ziggens.
Did you hear larry's tits playing at alice's fourth of July party?
Yea, tit's rule, especially the drummer.
Yea, he's my brother. Down with the establishment.
"too bad alice is a co-dependant enabler who frets too much"
Yea, maybe mick's cock will shut her up
by johnny alternative January 21, 2004
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